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Williams-Cushenberry Funeral Home, LLC in St. Gabriel, LA, is a family-owned business with a mission to help individuals and families find peace and comfort during the difficult task of making funeral arrangements for a loved one.

The vision of our funeral home started many years ago with a conversation between a young man, Bertrelle Williams, and his grandfather, Nathan “Bill” Cushenberry, Jr. Bertrelle expressed his desire to someday work in a funeral home. Nathan told him that “working in one is fine, however, I want you to look to the stars and trust God that you will not only work in one, but someday you will have your own.” He also said, “always be fair with people and work to make their experience with death as pleasant as possible and you will be blessed.”

Bertrelle’s Uncle Edward Scott, a funeral director and embalmer, vowed to help his nephew realize his dream. After years of studies and struggles, Bertrelle succeeded in his endeavor to assist families in their time of need by opening the doors of Williams-Cushenberry Funeral Home, LLC.

The amazing staff at Williams-Cushenberry is honored to be a part of your family’s final goodbye to a cherished loved one. We are humbled by your business and take the task of making funeral arrangements as serious as possible. We continue the vision that founded this business – making the unpleasant experience of death and loss as comforting and beautiful as possible.

In Loving Memory Of Nathan “Bill” Cushenberry and Arngal Smith Cushenberry

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